Happy You! Do You Choose To Be One

Yes, there are many people who are completely happy with what life has offered them and yes there are so many other people, who could be completely happy with what life has offered them, yet do not seem to know that. and yes there are a few other people, who do not know how to […]

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Happiness and Pleasure: Are they related?

Happiness has nothing to do with success. Happiness is independent of success, glory, fame, power. Happiness is not pleasure. Happiness is not an absence of pain. Pleasure is a sensation. Pleasure is something you derive from the outside. You are dependent upon something to feel the pleasure. However, happiness rises from the inside. Happiness is […]

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Happiness: How can you be happier?

Happiness is unbelievable. Happiness is out of reach. Can humans be really happy? You can talk about sadness, depression, anger, hate, jealousy and that seems so much possible. But if you talk about being happy, joyful, successful, loving, no one seems to believe you. It seems unnatural. Man cannot be happy. At most, he can […]

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