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The New Year has dawned and out comes a long list of resolutions. If you are the one who cannot stick to them, here’s how to go about meeting your goals


Amongst a flurry of New Year wishes on Tuesday morning, there was an ‘important notice’ too – it is recommended for regulars to avoid morning walk from first to fifth January 2019. A heavy crowd of ‘resolutionary’ people is expected during this period. The situation would be ‘normal’ from January 6!

If by chance you fall in the category of ‘resolutionary’ people thus mentioned, these ones for you!

Research pegs the rate of failures of the very ‘honest’ intentions to a better life at the beginning of the year at a staggering 80 percent! But that’s not what should bother you, here’s help on how to stick to your resolutions.

# 1 Narrow down

Epic ‘fails’ happen because one promises too much. If one is looking forward to making some real-life changes, one or two resolutions work the best. For those, very motivated, maybe a third could work.

# 2 Be specific

To have a body to match a FIFA player is sure lofty and vague. Specifics; weight loss-how much; exercise-how many days a week; diet-which and how long – need to be worked on.

# 3 Follow your heart

A resolution was taken just because its ‘trending’ leads nowhere. Spinning might be in, but whether you actually need it or enjoy it would determine whether you can stick to it or not.

# 4 To err is human

With those who try to revamp their routine overnight, as soon as one resolution fails, they give up on all others too. Missed the workout, all the more reason to stay away from the pancakes; make double the time for work-out the next day.

# 5 Go public

Be bold, enlist help, have an exercise buddy and support group that helps one keep on track.

#6 Visualise well

Goal setting, a timeline made; paste it where you see it the first thing in the morning —mirror in the washroom, wall across your bed or even your phone’s wallpaper. Let it stay for a few weeks till it becomes a part of the system.

#7 Go easy

Make it easy on yourself. Break the resolutions into smaller steps and look at achieving them. The bigger one will take care of itself.  Look at one percent improvement. Only one percent than what you did earlier.

# 8 Alt & adapt

Work on things under your control. Don’t worry about ones not under your control. If things are not going the way you want them to, change the direction.

#9 Checkmate

Keep a regular check on your progress. Keep a journal to note down your progress at regular intervals. Reward yourself at every goal met and you are on way!

(With inputs from psychiatrist Dr. Sachin Kaushik and midlife coach Vaibhav Datar)

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