Are Midlife Crises For Real?

Yes, Midlife Crises are real! Midlife crisis is a catastrophe, which arrives at a phase of life, where everything turns out completely different. Miles have been walked, you have toiled hard, put your sweat and blood; but suddenly you start encountering strange feelings. You start having an outlook to the other side of your story, which remains not so bright and unsettling. This creates a hindrance in your current lifestyle. Vaibhav Datar, Midlife Coach and Author of Bestseller Simplify your Life explains how to turn crises into wisdom and intelligence  

The occurrence of a midlife crisis also termed as psychological crises in which a transition of identity and self-confidence takes place when a person confronts various drastic changes to their current lifestyle, brought by certain episodes in life. This adversely affects the present self-reflection in a person which is unanticipated or despairing. There are leftovers from the chapter of life which couldn’t be finished due to varied circumstances.

This looming phenomenon occurs mostly in the midpoint of human lifespans ideally around 30 to 50 of age. According to a recent survey, men and women during their midlife suffer the most traumatic events. There are many grounds of disappointment in life and if it occurs in Midlife, then you are facing Midlife Crises.

Midlife Crisis Examples/Symptoms:
Everyone goes through it and it happens in reality not a myth. A factor which influences the midlife crisis is listed below.

Disturbing Mental Health: Self-Sabotage behaviors can make us encounter a massive level of depression or anxiety due to failure or having a fear of facing failures in life. We subconsciously undermine our own ability to avoid possibilities of failures. This can also lead us to face big disappointments in midlife.

Emotional Crises: Emotion or behavioral disorders, emotional disturbances with onset usually occurring in childhood or adolescences due to biological abnormality, an underdeveloped kid mentally or physically or adults who didn’t pursue their education wisely.

Life in Auto-pilot Mode: Putting yourself into an auto-pilot mode throughout your life due to low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

  • Drastic changes in habits and impulsive decision making.
  • Shifting to sleep habits, due to depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Changing jobs and careers
  • Less interactive and not being conscious of realistic activities of life.
  • If you find yourself spacing outperforming any task
  • Boredom
  • Less productivity
  • You are very, very comfortable

Difficult to Bounce Back to Resilience: Facing difficulties to bounce back from the disappointments, traumatic and painful events occurred before midlife.

  • Difficult to overcome the death of loved ones
  • Dealing with divorce or break-up
  • Sold your favorite car or flat due to financial losses.
  • Wife/husbands having extramarital affairs
  • Abortion
  • Lack of good funding in child’s education
  • Loss of job
  • Environmental traumatic events
  • Unable to get back those beautiful emotions which were connected to place, person, thing or animal.

Amateurish about new approaches:

  • Not willing to take up any new projects for rejuvenating current positions in life
  • Behaving cowardly to get themselves off from the situation.

How to turn Midlife Crisis into Wisdom
A person can always turn their life from crises to opportunities and intelligence. Let us see how to combat the crisis.

  • Say hello to the crisis: to acknowledge your crisis you must first learn to accept the reality of your current circumstances, try analyzing your habits which are making things personally and professionally worse and complicated.
  • Try solving bit-by bit – chart out your problems and address it one by one with careful consideration and determination.
  • Declutter negative/unwanted thoughts – unnecessary thoughts are just a waste of time. Embrace yourself with a positive approach and attitude in life, helps you stop dwelling into vague fear and refocus on your mind.
  • Designing a positive affirmation is a powerful tool can be used in different ways. As soon as you get a negative thought, you might say an affirmation to make you feel strong and think wise. A positive affirmation can also be recited standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, so design your affirmations carefully.
  • Sense of gratitude: nothing of me and everything of you should be the prayer offered to the divine. Be thankful for the life and the daily bread you receive.
  • Be thankful for:
  • Three steady meals a day
  • A roof over your head during the dark cold night and rainy and windy.
  • Drinking clean water every day
  • Having loved ones
  • Write it and destroy it: if your negative thoughts are linked with specific strong emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. Jot it down in a piece of paper and burn it.
  • Meditational practices: start your morning with a positive note, practice meditation, and concentration exercises to help you focus more on the good side of your story.
  • A holistic approach to life: a holistic approach heals your body with natural remedies. Practice meditation and yoga which helps to balance 7 chakras in your body to rejuvenate yourself as a whole.
  • Comfort zone: dare to become adventurous! Yes explore new things in life, moving out from your comfort level, create new goals, try new activities, enhance a base of knowledge and traveling can also push you to keep going and mastering your targets. It’s never too late to freshly adopt creative things in life because knowledge makes a man wise.
  • Talk and motivate yourself: if you work upon being a compassionate listener than it will definitely work wonders for you. It helps you place in the right direction. Listen or read stories of successful people who have come across doing several of hardships. The best is always to get an experts advice for self by – midlife coach or a lifestyle coach.
  • Have a faith: start believing, it is possible! Should be your daily dose to life.
  • Think again: major decision in life for marriages, relationships, divorce, funding, investment planning, parenting, career planning, and opportunities should be taken with quite careful consideration. Think several times before you take any crucial decisions in life.

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