Are we Really Living a Life out of Happiness?

Are we really living a life out of happiness? This is a simple question which I keep asking.

Are gadgets making our life simpler? Yes, they have a certain value and purpose. But aren’t they going beyond their utilities and encroaching in our personal space.

A few years ago, you have to physically safeguard yourself but with everything being online today, are we free to feel safe in our mental and emotional space?

Yes, things have become very easy for us but at what cost? Are we not compensating our happiness for the same?

People are more depressed today than they were a few years ago even though we have so many good thoughts floating around. People are lonelier today, even though we have more than 5000 virtual friends.

This post is to make you aware and not scare you. Wasn’t life simpler earlier?

We have taken up this formula for life – work hard, achieve great success and be happy. And this happiness is so short lived. Because, the moment you are happy, a new goal comes in and you start working hard, and at times compromise your health.

What if, we change the formula by being happy first and then work smart and achieve great success. Whatever be the outcome, our happiness is guaranteed.

If you keep on asking yourself, why you do what you do, you would start giving answers like because I like to, because I love to see happiness in people’s lives. If we keep on iterating this question in an endless loop, as to why and why, you would eventually reach a space, where you just want to be happy. That’s it.

So why not start with happiness first and the best way is to simplify your life.

So listing down a few simple and mindful changes from my “Simplify Your Life” book

  1. Say Good Things to Yourself – do not criticize or condemn. You are loving soul, treat it with love.
  2. Start Writing – you may call it keeping journal, daily dose of gratitude or anything else.
  3. Make Health (Physical, Mental and Emotional) Your Priority – don’t barter your peace so easily.
  4. Contribute! – Socially or personally, write a blog, say something good to someone, appreciate and comment, go beyond just liking a post to loving a post.

Remember, positivity takes effort, negativity is easy. So take the challenging path to your happiness.


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