Mid Life Coach - Vaibhav Datar

Are you mad to hire a mid life coach?

Mid Life Coach - Vaibhav Datar

You are in your midlife and today, you can’t even decide where life is taking you. You have a good pay package, nice family and you don’t know where your career is heading. You feel there is so much to achieve and so little time. Seriously, you want to hire a mid life coach

  • to help you accelerate towards your goals
  • to differentiate between what’s working and not working for you
  • to overcome your worries and fears

Are you mad?

This is a conversation between two people, maybe “loving” partners, maybe “good” friends. Unfortunately, this mad person is tired of living within the norms of the society. He has a calling. He wants to make that bigger impact, serve a larger purpose but society does not allow him, bucketing him as mad to even think like this

Seriously, look at the world around you. You see passionate people having achieved massive success. These people are mad about their product, their sports, their passion. Look at legendary Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli, passionately mad about cricket. Look at Beckham or Messi. Look at Einsteins of the world, scientists, professionals, unicorn founders. Take any name from any industry and you will find that these people are insanely mad about their passion and their work. These people go after their goals as if nothing matters.

Let me be a little magnanimous in quoting this

Behind Every Successful Man or Woman, There Is A Coach

And I have no doubts about this. Yes, the coaches have been working tirelessly behind their clients, putting fresh perspectives. Coaches are being the mirrors, reflecting the thoughts. Coaches are holding the fort as the client goes out and wins the battles. Battles within and battles outside. A coach makes the client an efficient and effective warrior.

So if you are wanting to do something with your life and time is not in your hand, then do what all madly passionate people did before you. Get passionate about your work and just hire a mid life coach. Attend the sessions with focus and commitment, do your homework and enjoy a great successful and happy life.

If you wish to know what happens in a coaching session, don’t hesitate to book your appointment with me by visiting www.midlifecoaching.in today.

So if you ask me, from here, where? my answer is very simple.. from here, only hire a mid life coach because nothing else matters than achieving your purpose in life


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