Happiness and Pleasure: Are they related?

Happiness has nothing to do with success. Happiness is independent of success, glory, fame, power. Happiness is not pleasure. Happiness is not an absence of pain. Pleasure is a sensation. Pleasure is something you derive from the outside. You are dependent upon something to feel the pleasure.

However, happiness rises from the inside. Happiness is inherent. Happiness is always there within. Happiness is independent. Happiness is enrichment. When you live in the present, and not in the past or future. You are in the here, in the now.

Gautama Buddha has so rightly said

There is a pleasure and there is bliss.

Forgo the first to possess the second.

First is the pleasure, and then is happiness. Pleasure is animalistic, whilst happiness is more human. Next is joy and last is bliss. Forgo the pleasure, the dependency on others, the external materialistic ones. Seek bliss. To reach there is to follow the path of happiness and then joy.

If you derive happiness from the food, then it is giving you pleasure only till your tongue. Once it passes that, no pleasure is received. If you are up after a goal and once you achieve that goal, pleasure

Just as leaves grow on the trees, desires and hopes grow in the mind. You wanted a new house and now you have it—and where is the pleasure? Just for a moment, it was there, when you achieved your goal. Once you have achieved your goal, your mind is no longer interested in it; it has already started spinning new webs of desire. It has already started thinking of other, bigger houses. And this is so about everything.

So pleasure is not and cannot be the goal of life. Pleasure is physiological and happiness is psychological. Happiness and Pleasure are two sides of the same coin. Happiness is a little higher than pleasure.

In my leadership coaching, I help leaders understand the difference between Happiness and Pleasure. Life Coaching is an interesting concept to work with and needs to be experienced in depth.

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