Happiness: How can you be happier?

Happiness is unbelievable. Happiness is out of reach. Can humans be really happy? You can talk about sadness, depression, anger, hate, jealousy and that seems so much possible. But if you talk about being happy, joyful, successful, loving, no one seems to believe you. It seems unnatural.

Man cannot be happy. At most, he can make his life a little more comfortable. But happiness is impossible. Human beings have consciousness. Hence, they can be happy, happier than any other living thing, happier than the animals, the birds, the trees, but they are not.

This very consciousness makes them unhappy. Because with consciousness, with knowing, two things are possible. You have a choice. Either you can be happy or you can be unhappy. Birds do not have consciousness, so they can only be happy.

Humans have a choice. So be happy first. Let happiness be your choice forever. Let misery not be in your life at all. Happiness comes first, joy comes first. A celebrating attitude comes first. A life-affirming philosophy comes first. Enjoy! If you cannot enjoy your work, change. Don’t wait!

If you are miserable in a certain pattern of life, then drop the pattern which is not helping you. The pattern of thinking, beliefs are wrong. The patterns may have held you in the past, but maybe they are not helping you now. So drop them.

Your destiny can find you in only one way, and that is your inner flowering, as existence wanted you to be. Unless you find your spontaneity, unless you find your element, you cannot be happy.

You again start your life as if there were no patterns involved. As if you were born again and there is a new life. Start forming patterns of happiness today. In my leadership coaching, I help leaders identify and drop their old behavioural patterns. Life Coaching is an interesting concept to work with and needs to be experienced in depth.

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