Happy You! Do You Choose To Be One

Yes, there are many people who are completely happy with what life has offered them

and yes there are so many other people, who could be completely happy with what life has offered them, yet do not seem to know that.

and yes there are a few other people, who do not know how to be happy or worst, why to be happy.

We will find people of all kinds here and my perspective is it differs with age.

If you are in your pre-teens age, you are completely happy with what life has offered to you and you know, if you want something, you could easily get that by crying, persuading, demanding and so on.

If you are in teens, you seem to be a mixed bag of happiness and unhappiness. At times, you seemingly seem to be very happy. Mind the word “seemingly” here. For an outside world, everything is working out for you. But within you, you are simmering for that break, for that goal.

If you are in mid life, you are at lowest point of your happiness. You start feeling life is not treating you well. You tend to look at the lost opportunities, you feel sad about losing that young riskier you. And that’s where a coach can be really helpful. Like me, a mid life coach in Mumbai, who conducts telephonic conversations across the world. Our conversations are completely confidential and help you with working on your life through career counselling.

Once you past this age and are in your retirement or post retirement, you are very happy with the way life has been for you. You seem to enjoy every moment of life and have seemingly less regrets. That is where, you will find people who are completely happy with what life has offered them.

and just by the way, happiness is a just a feeling. You could just be happy. There is no reason to be not happy. It is as easy as dropping. Drop sadness from your day, from your life. Decide to be happy one day. Take the decision now.

Say along with me

“I choose to be happy right now.”

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