Startup Networking Meetup

Tired Of Reading About How To Be A Successful Startup…

Startup Networking Meetup

Startup Networking Meetup

Me as well. We are on the same boat. Even I got tired reading how I can make my startup successful. If it was so easy, why am I taking so much time.

After all, it is about having a vision, creating an action plan and follow up with concrete actions. Still, seemingly nothing seems to work and “supposition” takes our way. We start implementing plan Bs and plan Cs since plan A has not worked.

Sooner, we find ourselves back to same old job, grind of commute, sleepless nights and lots of hard work. Are you bored and tired of reading the same old things and nothing is working for you.

Then you are up for a surprise. After doing a marathon of four Saturday Meetups across Mumbai in the month of July, we are back in action. We have organized a 3 hour action packed Startup Networking Meetup – Your road from idea to funding, where we not just discuss but really get into action mode.

Yes action it is, where participants talk about their challenges and find newer actions, network with fellow participants and make some great friends/partners.

And it is completely free. If you are interested in joining or knowing what it is, please feel free to join us at Redbricks Andheri space on 8 Sep at 10AM. Kindly RSVP onĀ Meetupwebsite (

Enjoy and see you soon


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