Witness Meteoric Organizational Success with Happiness Shot

Happiness is contagious. Just like yawning, you can pass happiness from person to persons, people to people, department to departments. Recent research by researchers at the University of California San Diego and Harvard demonstrates that

“Emotions have a collective existence – they are not just an individual phenomenon.”

Now that’s significant, given the organizational context we are set in. Emotions that are being played in an organization by its people drive the future of the organization. Whether it is a lively, future-focused or growth-oriented, an organization will be derived by the emotions of the people who drive it.

Another path-breaking research was

“Your happiness depends not just on your choices and actions, but also on the choices and actions of people you don’t even know who are one, two or three degrees removed from you.”

So collectively, our happiness is derived from people whom we work with, even sometimes by people unknown to us. As organizations seek to go higher and higher in profitability, it’s high time they look at employees and their emotions and how the game is being played out.

Leaders can literally make or break the organization through their actions as it will positively or negatively influence the employees’ emotional patterns. So happiness is contagious and organizations need to take cognizance of this fact.

So how does a leader lead his people into emotional well-being and include happiness as a regular routine?

Make Time For Silence

Silence is the highest level of consciousness. An organization could add silence as a key tool. Ask employees to sit silently for a few moments before a meeting or work. This will help employees disconnect from the outside world and truly focus on what’s coming up. Imbibe the feeling of expressing gratefulness during these moments of silence.

Use internal channels of communication to praising good work

The leader can praise team members for the good work. Good work needs to be praised in public and bad work in person. This will build a culture of positivity and happiness.

Play soft music and sounds

Sound is known to affect the moods of people. Play soft instrumental sounds to boost the positivity, calm the physical and mental bodies and make the environment stress free.

Add Happiness Value

Add Happiness as a value in your list of values. By making it a priority, you instill a culture of happiness. You let people know what’s important for you and what they could potentially look at in stressful situations

Repeat till it becomes a habit

Finally, keep repeating happiness through all your communication channels. Make your leaders accountable to happiness.

These are just some of the many ways in which you can build happiness for your organizations.

Make happiness contagious and witness meteoric organizational success.

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