XXL Courses

Simplify Your Relationships

Get the oomph back in your “official” relationships

Did I say with the same people?

We are people. We have emotions. And we often find people to throw our emotions at. And it hurts and hurts badly, when it comes from a known person. You can only hurt someone whom you love the most. Isn’t it a little tragic? With this course, you would not only be able to overcome emotional issues, but also work over yourself to find loving relationships (maybe new) around you
With dreaming big, you can play 90 Day Dream Game with me. An inexpensive, no-nonsensical life game. Are you ready?
Bury Your Old Hatchets

Love Yourself Even More

Surpass your relationship “expectations”

Find Peace and even more love, wherever you go

Don’t get lost in hurt, get immersed in love

Simplify Your Career

One more child with dreams lost


How many times more will you drop your dreams, your possibilities and your happiness for your role as an employee? Time has come to stand up for your dreams and follow, even if it means part-time. Remember, you are in mid-age and time is ticking real fast. You have only so many days left to make a mark
With dreaming big, you can play 90 Day Dream Game with me. An inexpensive, no-nonsensical life game. Are you ready?
Play way method – Interesting and Inspiring

Achieve your dreams faster

Have fun at what you like to do

Be heart ready

The Art of Living resides in Heart. So play full on

Simplify Your Health

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is healthy of them all

Hello! Anyone there. Why is no one answering? Liar mirror

Think again. Is mirror lying or are you hiding the truth from yourself. Let's face it. We have bad habits of over-eating, over-drinking and over-sleeping (damn the word “over”). And believe me, I am not going to ask you to refrain from “over”. You can stay with “over” as long as you “under”stand health well. I understood it the hard way and I can help you understand it the easy way.
Being healthy and fit is not a wish but a necessity with passing age. Come, let’s make the world a little less heavy, a little more fit through this course
Lose your extras. Drop the pains of heavy feet

Being Healthy can be creative, fun and easy

No gyaan, only abhyaan

Cheat sheets for being fit

Breath your last breath, independently (and stay away from pills)

Simplify Your Life(Career, Health, Relationships)

The Magic of 3 (Career, Health and Relationships), in 1

Or a mix of two in one, and add the third later

Wow! It’s magic. You get the three in one. And it doesn’t cost much. Its like asking for a vanilla cup with icing and a strawberry at the top. What better than to have all your challenges getting resolved within 3 months.
Feel Relaxed and calm

Change your habits for good, finally

Have fun and joy, together

Drop your unnecessary extras

Change your bio, use the trio

Learn Life Coaching

Are you ready to make the world a better place to live in?

Being my apprentice is tough work, read to know if you are made for it

I love apprentices. I get to make deep difference to apprentice’s life. I get to change the world through him or her. I get closer to my dream of reaching and enriching the life of 11,11,11 families.
I love and I am all game for it. My only criteria is “you should be ready for it”. Apply below to know more about the plan
Get to make a difference to the world

Learn the exact secrets of my success

Assisted coaching and learning

Get to raise the bar for yourself

Coaching is a noble profession. Are you ready to change the world

Fun and Un-Learn Life (FULL ON!) Retreats

Have you gone on a “pants down (not literally)” retreat, where there are no inhibitions, no masks and places to hide

Play the game of life, full on.

Share your fears with others, learn to overcome them Share your inhibitions, your dark secrets. Get the strength from group Learn from other’s experiences. Take lead, Be in silence, enjoy the treat at retreat.
More importantly, you can be YOU. From the first day, you have no name. No one knows you. You are not defined by caste, religion, country, education, profession. This is strictly NO NO. No mobiles. No TVs. This is what I call “pants down” approach.
Learn from fellow human beings, directly.
Plenty of them. Connect with your fellow participants, by heart.

Energize yourself. Find a new meaning to your life.

Schmack! Fight it out, fight your fears, face them

Fun, Unlearn and Learn. Live Life, full on

Better late than never. In fact, better do it now than being late.


Mini Courses

Being Happy Checklist

Happiness doesn’t need confirmation from anyone

Check these different ways to magnify your happiness

Download the checklist to find different ways to celebrate your happiness. Celebration is the key to moving in higher levels of energy. What more, just go ahead and download

Relationships Checklist

Man is a social animal (and so is woman)

Hence, successful relationships are the key to happiness

This is a special checklist to find the lost love in relationships. What is missing, what is in action, what is working for you? Find it out for yourself.

Ultimate Outcome Sheet

Outcome and not goals! What’s the difference?

If you ask me, it’s huge. Don’t believe, then check it out yourself

Are you working towards outcomes or processes? Understand the difference between the two, work towards your outcomes using the process goals.
Check out the file now, to make a sizeable difference to your life.

Getting Healthy Plan

Weight is just a number, size doesn’t matter

But challenges do. Check internally as to what you are hiding and avoiding to let go off.

Most of your physical challenges or manifestations are because you are hiding and/or avoiding some key issues in your life. You will rock and roll, lose the extra skin around your stomach and drop a few kilos, once you become aware of the key issues and take concrete steps to drop them.
Download the getting healthy sheet today

Apprentice checklist

Want to make a difference to the world

Become a life coach by learning through experience and not just notes

How did you learn in your school? Textbooks right. How much of you still remember what was taught? Hardly any, unless you have tried, repeated or used the same in your everyday life.
Same is the case with learning to life coach. You will make a considerable difference to people’s lives when you experience coaching first hand and get inputs directly from the coach. Check out the checklist to see if you can be a good apprentice for me?

SMART Boards

SMART – yes, you nailed it, these are active vision boards

Unsmart vision boards are dry. They don’t speak

Learn the theory behind vision boards, what works and what doesn’t. Ingredients to make it powerful and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. I literally live my life out of SMART boards and so can you as well. Go to the website and buy the course. It is far more valuable than the cost

2 Day Deep Dives

Immediate challenge to resolve. Don’t have much time

No problem, 2 Day deep dive (2D3) is here.

What is 2D3? We straight away get to the core of the problem or challenge you are facing? What are the beliefs and the thoughts behind? What is working and what is not working?

Come up with an outcome and action plan for the coming month. Go back and implement.

Deep dives are done at exotic locations and the cost borne by obviously you. Don’t worry, it’s not going to burn your pocket, but it’s going to make you serious enough to go for it full on.