What is Life Coaching?

Coaching, per session, is a life changing powerful conversation between YOU and ME. Each coaching conversation is a step towards achieving your dreams and goals. It is a mechanism to look beyond the “impossibilities” of life. It is a step by step method to co-create a life, you desire.

During a coaching conversation, you get
• Access to INNER WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE, which you already have. The coach is a curious questioner, viewing the client’s situation from an altogether different perspective. The coach highlights the blind spots, uncovers the deeper issues and explore situations from a fresh perspective.
• An unimaginable LISTENER. What is missing in this world is a person who can listen and listen with non-judgment. When you dwell and verbalize your issues a little longer, you are likely to receive clarity around your plan of action.
• To dream BIG. Dream for a life, you always wanted for yourself and not what others want of you. You start living beyond fear. You feel fear of the unknown but as you start making daily progress towards our goals, you start growing beyond your daily life and nearer to your dreams.
• To experience ACHIEVEMENT. As you start implementing your action plan, you start hitting milestones. With each milestone, you start experiencing achievement. Happiness comes from knowing that you are enjoying the process of aspiring and actions.
• A ready reckoner for your LIFE. During challenging times, whenever you feel the need, you know you have a coach to rely upon. You can ask questions, clarify doubts, clear your confusion, seek advice, brainstorm and generate new ideas
• Be HAPPY. As you start achieving more and more, you get to bask in the happiness and enjoy the moments of success. You get to celebrate the wins and reflect upon your losses.

What coaching tools and techniques, do you use during sessions ?

As a midlife coach, I use the following amazing tools during Conversations / Sessions
1. Questioning
I approach questioning with curiosity. Questions are used to understand the beliefs and thought process prevalent at those challenging times. You will be surprised as to how much information you can receive just with the power of questioning
2. Listening
Listening and listening intently and patiently with full attention. Listening is one of the most neglected art of the century. I have seen many of my clients progress well towards their dreams, felt good only because I listened.
3. Rapport
A great rapport is required between me and you. Why? Without rapport, you are unlikely to open up so a first couple of sessions, will be built upon establishing a rapport. Rapport will help you share things which you have never shared before. This helps in clearing out your mental and emotional blocks sooner.
4. Feedback – Coach is an uncomfortable mirror, reflecting your thoughts, beliefs and habits. As a coach, I will also feed back with what’s working and what’s not working.
5. Silence – One of the greatest tools of coaching. You need to experience this tool to appreciate the benefits you will receive.
Other than the coaching tools above, I use the following systems and processes
1. IT System – to track the progress towards our goals and dreams
2. Goal Planning – a working document to record the goals
3. Action Item Tracking – track all the action items at one place
4. Feedbacks – Give and receive feedback through the system
5. Journal Topics – thoughtful topics to consider in between two sessions
6. Key Concepts, Assessment and Forms –to go deeper in any area
7. Subliminal Messaging – for directly reaching the heart
8. Books and Periodicals – for supplementary reads

Would you maintain confidentiality and secrecy about the sessions?

Absolutely. As a coach, I maintain highest confidentiality and secrecy. You can share your darkest secrets and your deepest fears with me. Nothing gets shared with the outside world, not even with my spouse. Guaranteed.

What’s expected from you as a client?

Just two words “Show Up”. Show up on time. Show up well prepared. Show up with enthusiasm and energy. Show up with the eagerness and the drive to achieve your dreams.
Show up with completed actions.

What’s expected from me as a coach?

As a coach, I will be non-judgmental, confidential, and professional with only intention being your success and progress. I will show up on time, be there for you in times of need and support you completely.

What goes in a coaching session?

We look at the time passed between sessions, focus on goals for the session, check and plan out actions, have open, direct communication.

How do we conduct sessions

All my sessions are on the phone. You can receive coaching, irrespective of where you are in the world.

What are your payment terms?

Globally, coaching is paid in advance and in full. What works globally, works locally as well? An advance payment shows your commitment towards the goal. You work towards your dreams more intently and in a focused way.

I accept payments through credit and debit cards, NEFT and PayTM. I run an unconditional HAPPINESS Guarantee, an option to receive your money back in an unlikely event of you not liking the work we do.

Are results guaranteed?

In coaching, clients are accountable (to themselves) for the results. A coach is accountable to making the coaching process work.


I hold myself accountable to making the coaching process work for you and that is why I GUARANTEE that you will get full value from my coaching. If at the end of the first 4 weeks (of the 12 week package) you feel you are not getting enough value, I will give you a 100% refund of your full payment (even for the 4 sessions that you would have already used). 

Are you available for speaking in between sessions?

Yes. I’m available for brief calls (5 to 10 minutes).

Can we connect on email in between sessions?

Yes we can. But do not expect an immediate reply as I check my emails only twice a day, for limited time. However, be rest assured that it will be read before our next session.

What if I want to miss or postpone a session?

Postponing a session is complete no-no. However, in the eventuality that it is going to be postponed, please make sure you keep me informed at least 24 hours in advance. That gives me enough time to work out my free time.

What if I travel a lot?

All calls are on phone and with today’s connectivity, unless you are travelling to the moon, we can still conduct session.