Meetups & Workshops

11 Apr 2019 : 6 - 8 PM : Thane

Sales and Revenue Generation (only for startups, free)

Attn: startup owners, wannabes, ideators, sales professionals

In a recent research, it was found that lack of proper mentorship, guidance and hand holding is one of the biggest problems that exist in the Indian startup industry.

Most of startups have brilliant ideas and/or products, but have little or no industry, business and market experience to get the products to the market.

We all know that an individual performs best when he is supported by an able and supportive tribe of people. Why not be part of a tribe and help other tribe members and

Let's discuss sales and revenue generation and what can we do now to increase our profits

1. Open networking - 10 min
2. Round of introduction
3. Discussion point - sales - 30 min
4. Discussion point - revenue generation - 30 min

Entry is free. Registration is mandatory