It has opened up my mind to a broader perspective.

Smita, Director

It was a great pleasure to get introduced to Vaibhav. Not only was I more comfortable in the coaching sessions, discussing the problems but was really surprised how curiously he was listening to them. It was just the 2nd session and I was looking at my life very positively. He made me reach the core of how exactly I got lost and turned to the wrong path through curious questioning.

Very passionate about people and helping them, he showed me all the possibilities of turning my life around. The art of being grateful in life, being enough and helping me realize that I am the source of joy and happiness of my life.

Sumant Velhal
Marketing Professional

The business strategy sessions with Vaibhav have really helped me and my business. We are adding customers, new verticals and making great progress. Personally, I have got more focused and learned to manage my time well. Thank you Vaibhav for being our business coach for more than 3 years now.


First of all I would like to say thank you for being such a motivator and friendly guide! I feel so much more confident and enthusiastic in facing my life issues after our sessions. I used to be very doubtful about myself and my career choices, and wanted to just quit on everything. But after our sessions I started believing in myself and gained a more positive attitude towards my life. So Thank you for that!

Raj Dadhich
Director - The Travelling Shoe

Postive attitude. Refocus on Meditation. Banishing negative thoughts. More calmer. More better with family. Inspiring to others.

Gaurav Manjrekar